Advanced Java

Advanced Java

Advanced Java programming is an extension of the fundamentals of the Java language. It is a collection of topics and techniques that build upon the foundation provided by the Java language. Advanced Java programming includes topics such as multithreading, data structures, network programming, and database connectivity. It also covers topics such as object-oriented programming, distributed computing, and web development.

This comprehensive guide to advanced Java programming will provide a comprehensive overview of the topics and techniques required to become a proficient Java programmer. It will provide a general overview of the language, as well as tutorials on how to write and debug code. Additionally, it will cover how to use APIs, libraries, and frameworks to create robust applications.

After reading this guide, you will have a better understanding of the Java language and its various features. You will also be able to write efficient and powerful applications using the various tools available to you. So, let’s get started with our comprehensive guide to advanced Java programming!

About Courses

It is a part of Java programming language. It is an advanced technology or advance version of Java specially designed to develop web-based, network-centric or enterprise applications. It includes the concepts like Servlet, JSP, JDBC, RMI, Socket programming, etc. It is a specialization in specific domain.

Eligible Criteria

Any Degree holder (B.Sc/BCS/B.E/B.Tech/M.E/ M.Tech/MCA.M.Sc…)

Total hours: 120 Hrs

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Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus - java

Refer Core Java training for syllabus

Part II: Advanced Java

Refer Advanced Java section for syllabus

Part III: Java Full Stack

Section 1: Hibernate

  • Hibernate Introduction
  • Hibernate Basics
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Hibernate Session
  • Hibernate SessionFactory
  • Hibernate Configuration
  • Hibernate Configuration Offline
  • Hibernate with HBM
  • Hibernate with Annotation
  • Hibernate Validator
  • Hibernate CRUD
  • Hibernate Association Mapping
  • One to One Mapping
  • One to ManyMapping
  • Many to OneMapping
  • Many to Many Mapping
  • Hibernate Aggregation
  • Hibernate Named Queries
  • Hibernate Native SQL
  • HQL- Hibernate Query Language
  • Hibernate HCQL- Criteria Query Language
  • Hibernate Application with Mysql DB-CRUD
  • save(), saveOrUpdate(), update(), persist() and merge()
  • get() and load()
  • Hibernate vs. JPA
  • Hibernate Application with Mysql DB, JSP-User Interface-CRUD

Section 2: Spring Framework

  • Spring Framework Introduction
  • Spring Basics
  • Inversion of Control
  • Dependency Injection
  • Beans Scope
  • Singleton
  • Prototype
    • Request
    • Session
    • Global-Session
  • Auto wiring
  • Spring Annotations

Section 3: Spring MVC

  • Spring MVC Basics
  • Spring MVC Hello World Application
  • Spring MVC Restful Web Services Basics
  • Spring MVC without Maven
  • Spring MVC with Maven
  • Maven basics
  • Spring MVC Application Deployment
  • Spring MVC Application Deployment Log files
  • Spring MVC WAR File Creation Steps
  • Spring, Hibernate, Mysql, Maven- CRUD Operation
  • Java, Spring, Spring Security, Algorithm, Hibernate, Maven, Mysql IntegrationApplication
  • Modules-
  • Customer Login
  • Add Customer
  • Edit Customer Information
  • Delete Customer
  • View Customer List
  • Roles
  • Admin Role
  • DBA Role
  • User Role
  • Password Encryption by using Spring Security Algorithm
  • Remember Me Functionality

Section 4: Spring Security

  • Spring Security Basics
  • Spring Security Features
  • Spring Security Authentication
  • Spring Security Encryption
  • Password Encryption by using Spring Security
  • Spring Security Login Form
  • Spring Security Authentication
  • Spring Security Maven Dependency
  • Spring Security CRUD- Signup and Login Application

Section 5: Spring Boot

  • Boot Basics
  • Why Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot Features Spring Boot Introduction
  • Spring
  • Main Goal of Spring Boot
  • Creating Project- Spring Initializer
  • Spring Boot Hello World Application
  • Spring Boot Devtool Dependency- Spring Boot – How to Reload Changes Without Restarting the
  • Server
  • Spring Boot Actuator
  • Spring Boot Build Systems
  • Spring Boot Code Structure
  • Spring Boot Runners
  • Spring Boot Tomcat Port Number
  • Spring Boot with RESTFul Service
  • Spring Boot with Logger
  • Deploy Spring Boot Applications on External Tomcat Server
  • Spring Boot – Common Application Properties (
  • Spring Boot, Hibernate with RESTFul Web Service
  • Spring Boot, Spring Data with RESTFul Web Service
  • Spring Boot, Hibernate CRUD Application
  • Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA CRUD Application
  • Spring Boot, Spring- JDBCTemplate CRUD
  • Spring Boot, Hibernate, MySQL, Project Lombok CRUD Application
  • Spring Boot with XML Payload using Postman API
  • Spring Boot with JSON Payload using Postman API
  • Spring Boot CORS Support
  • Java QR Code Generator Basics
  • Spring Boot QR Code Generator Hands on Session
  • Spring Boot QR Code Reader Hands on Session

Section 6: Spring Data- JPA

  • Spring Data JPA Basics
  • Spring Data JPA Introduction
  • Spring Data JPA Architecture
  • Spring Data JPA file
  • JPA Repository
  • CRUD Repository
  • Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA CRUD using Postman API
  • Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Project Lombok CRUD using Postman API Hands on Session

Section 7: JUnit- Mockito Framework

Section 8: Spring- JDBC Template

  • Spring JDBCTemplate Introduction
  • RowMapper
  • Builder
  • Spring Boot, JDBCTemplate using Postman API Hands on Session
  • SOAP Web Service
  • RESTful Web Service
  • Singleton Design Pattern
  • Builder Design Pattern
  • Factory Pattern
  • Abstract Factory Pattern
  • Prototype Pattern
  • Facade Pattern
  • Adapter Pattern
  • Filter Pattern
  • Composite Pattern
  • Decorator Pattern
  • Proxy Pattern
  • Iterator Pattern
  • Bridge Pattern
  • Flyweight Pattern
  • MVC Pattern
  • Microservices Introduction
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Microservices Project Structure
  • Microservices Frameworks
  • Spring Boot with Microservices Basics
  • Spring Boot with Microservices Coding Standards
  • Spring Boot with Microservices Builder Design Pattern
  • Spring Boot with Microservices QR Code Generator
  • Spring Boot, Hibernate, Maven, MySQL CRUD Application- POSTMAN API
  • Spring Boot, Spring Data- JPA, Maven, MySQL CRUD Application- POSTMAN API
  • Spring Boot, Spring Data- JDBCTemplate, Maven, MySQL CRUD Application
  • Spring Boot, ORM, Microservices with Project Lombok
  • Spring Boot, CORS, Spring Data[JDBCTemplate], Microservices CRUD with Project Lombok using React JS
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Website Deployment and Go Live
  • React JS Basics
  • React JS Features
  • React JS Setup and Hello World Application
  • React JS JSX
  • React JS Component
  • React JS State
  • React JS Props
  • React JS Constructor
  • React JS Lifecycle
  • React JS Events
  • React JS Router
  • React JS Forms
  • React JS Tables
  • React JS Portals
  • React JS ES6
  • React JS CSS
  • React JS Hook
  • React JS and Back End Integration
  • React JS Using Back End CRUD Application
  • React JS, JDK 1.8, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Maven, MySQL, Microservices, Project Lombok- Project Implementation
  • SVN
  • Jenkin
  • JIRA
  • Postman API Testing Tool
  • GIT
  • Maven
  • Junit
  • JSON
  • XML
  • JUnit- Mockito
  • JDK 1.8.0
  • Eclipse
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apache Maven
  • MySQL
  • SQLYog
  • Maven
  • Sublime
  • HTTracker
  • Bracket
  • Atom
  • Visual Studio

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"They would make me solve numerous Machine Learning case studies, to try and build an industrial mind set."
Bharat Prabhakar
"Applied AI Course is one of the best investments I have made for my professional growth."